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At Maximum Community Support Services, Inc., our Nursing Support Services prioritize effective health prevention, safety practices, and maintenance strategies aimed at minimizing or averting adverse outcomes. These services are delineated within each individual’s Person-Centered Plans, outlining their objectives for achieving optimal health results. The implementation of Nursing Services is conducted under the delegation and supervision of a DDA Registered Nurse, alongside Case Management/Delegating Nurses, and is subject to vigilant monitoring by our Quality Assurance team and the DDA Regional Office.

Maximum Community Support Services, Inc. ensures access to a licensed registered nurse who delivers nursing services and appropriately delegates nursing tasks to unlicensed staff. These delegated tasks encompass activities typically performed by a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), adhering to applicable regulations. The focus of Hands of Hope Services, Inc.’s Nursing Support services remains steadfast on promoting health prevention, health maintenance, and safe practices to proactively reduce or eliminate adverse health outcomes.

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