Maximum Community’s


Maximum Community Support Services, Inc. employs a diverse range of person-centered planning techniques to articulate the lifestyle preferences of the individuals under our care. We recognize the effectiveness of person-centered plans lies in their adaptability, allowing them to evolve in response to the personal growth, enhanced independence, and evolving lifestyle choices of each individual over time.

Our Personal Support services at Maximum Community Support Services encompass a comprehensive array of home and community-based assistance, facilitating full participation in both home and community life. These services include but are not limited to:
  • Bathing
  • Budgeting and Money Management
  • Toileting
  • Care of Adaptive Devices
  • Developing Relationships
  • Eating and Meal Preparation
  • Dressing and Changing Clothes
  • Light Housework, including Laundry
  • Promotion of Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination
  • Use of Public Transportation in Natural Environments
  • Mobility, encompassing transferring from a bed, chair, or other locations, and navigating both indoor and outdoor spaces
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